Learn to Create Your Badass 6-Figure
 Sales Career Working Remotely.

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Grab Your Free Seat to the LIVE Event Where You'll Learn the 3 Secrets to Creating Your 6-Figure Service Based Sales Career!

July 1st | 12pm Central

You're About to Totally Change Your Life:

Learn why sales is the
BEST job in the world.

We're on a mission to create time, financial, and location freedom for high-achieving sales reps that want more out of their career. 

Learn what actually makes a sales rep SUCCESSFUL.

Like any job, you can be successful or unsuccessful. You'll learn what mindset, attitude, and skillset you need to thrive.

Learn to spot companies that
align with your values.

A career is much for fulfilling when you work for a company you believe in - and that believes in you.

This workshop is for you if...


👉🏼 You're an everyday office employee tired of working the 9-5 life

👉🏼 You're tired of busting your ass for incremental raises each year that don't amount to much

👉🏼 You're a current sales rep who wants more freedom in your life

👉🏼 You're a current sales rep who wants to make more money for yourself and your family

👉🏼 You're in a sales support role, such as account management, and you want more control over your time and income 

👉🏼 You're dreaming of living your life on your terms, and you're open to the idea of a role in social selling 


Running a business is not for everyone... 

But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't still have control over your time and the amount of money you make.

Aside from owning your own business, sales is the ONLY job that lets you have direct control over your income while giving you the freedom to work from anywhere you please. 

When you're happy with the work you're doing (and not stressed about how you're going to pay the bills) ... life is just better.

I'm on a mission to create more happy, fulfilled, 6-figure service-based sales reps who LOVE their job and the company they work for. 

Grab Your Free Seat!